About Us

CDL Studio Limited specializes in design and installation of noise and vibration control products and systems to suit the customer's need. We provide field acoustic analysis, sound level measurement, custom-engineered noise and vibration control products that are professionally installed for a turn-key solution.

We work directly with the owner or through the general contractors. We provide assistance to the acoustical consultants, acoustic engineers and anyone wishing to get rid of their noise problems.

Our clients benefit from our acoustical expertise and broad product offering to solve their noise problems. Working with the top acoustic product manufacturers, CDL has what it takes to handle your project.

Design and Installation expert in:

  • Noise Barrier and Enclosure
  • Sound control Curtains
  • Sound Control doors & Windows
  • Acoustical Panels (Wooden, fabric, & aluminum)
  • Sound Attenuators & Silencers
  • Vibration Isolation & Floating Floor system
  • Acoustic Blanket Insulation
  • Acoustic Test Chambers / Music Practice Rooms